Tuesday 27 August 2013

Treadwheel Crane

Brilliant devices, they came in all sizes and types with single wheels or double ones. . One 15th century one was found in 1868 in the (then) unfinished south tower of the Cathederal in Cologne.
This one is an HO/OO version in resin from the modelmakers Modellbau Luft
Direct link to the crane HERE .

A video of a treadwheel crane being used for real at the  Guédelon Castle construction site. This one is an advanced version that turns  so the load can be moved from side to side and not just up and down. Fredericus -Rex has recently brought out a medieval crane similar to the one at Guédelon which can be seen HERE
If anyone hasn´t heard of Guédelon..then this vid is worth a look...I really hope I´m still around to see it finished.

A couple more bits of my construction....a second (or is it third?) prison wagon....
..............and a third carpentum.