Thursday 25 April 2013

Medieval Smithy and Barn

A nice suprise:-D
This pair of buildings turned up on my door step on monday kindly sent by Thorsten Burgdorf. Brand new in the range of buildings and they are available  HERE.

The Smithy Comes with a couple of extra pieces, the fireplace (?) with bellows, a couple of sacks and a plunging trough. There was also a tiny bucket but I lost it :-( but I´ve added a Barrel :-D
The woodwork effects look excellent, especially the wattle on the gable Ends of the barn.
Entirely made from resin,  easy to construct and paint, they have the same dimensions as the other Medieval houses (or other era houses) from the same range, which means all the bits and pieces, walls, gable ends, etc can be mixed and matched.