Saturday 26 April 2014

Roman Farmers - Linear-B

14 bods, 11 of them males and two mules and two oxen.
Boss man and two workers.
A Close representation of a small Roman Hand mill.

Females collecting Grapes and wheat.
Wheat cutters and thrashers. This lot will also make good rioters or additions to Spartacus´s mob.
On his way to market..or on the way back?
Oxen and Aratrum. Wether this Looks like the type of plough that would have been used in Roman times I cannot discover. It´s a bit difficult to put together, the handles of the plough don´t fir exactly into the bods Hands but with a bit of bending it does work. The Oxen come with the usual rings on thier backs for attaching the yolk, but I´ve made my own yolk. .