Friday 28 September 2012

Flagmen, Clubmen, Drummer

Some more recruits for the "revolting" Peasant / Workers army, again with 13th century Gent Guild banners from the Dansk Figursspilsforening site.
Two simple conversions, a body halves swop to the left and an arm swop to the right
The bod from the Strelets Medieval levy (1) set carrying the Barrel makers guild flag, the Plaster´s Guild flag is carried by a Redbox Hussite

The drummer. There´s not a lot of drummers for medieval bods, as far as I know there are only 3 that have been commercially made, all by Valdemar. Large bodied Tabors may not have been used until the 13th century, and then not in battle, but it´s not hard to see why not.
The body is from Zvezda´s Medieval peasant army set, the head from Zvezda´s French knights, drum and drum sticks from Revell´s Imperial infantry set. The belt is made from Paper.

Portrait of the Minnesinger (medieval German courtly love poet) with his musicians. Illustration from the Codex Manesse, c.1300.
Showing  Drum, pipe, fiddle with curved bow (psaltery)

I´ve been asked a few times to put up pics of the whole collection...I will but it might be next year,,for the Big Army Day (Gloranthan Army blog) on the 14th of June next year. Until medieval army collection so from nearly 2 years ago can be seen HERE
It´s expanded a bit since then, the baggage train is nearly double the size, the same for the Hussites. There´s the new burgundian army, the Normans and El Cid armies. The infantry and cavalry has nearly doubled, the seige park has been added to quite a lot as well,  the Crusaders weren´t even in the pictures and there´s a lot more civilians/ "revolting" peasants now.