Sunday 1 March 2015

War of the Roses - Mounted Men - at - Arms (RedBox)

War of the Roses Set number 6 from Redbox...Mounted Men at Arms.
The artwork on the back of the box  really doesn´t do this set justice, they are very very nice. Hopefully this will be the same for the next set, War of the Roses 9. European Mercenaries Light Horse.
12 bods and 12 nags. 6 individual poses for the bods, and my only complaint, and it´s a small one, is there are too few horse poses..only 2.
The horse armour. Historical "purists" might be thinking "English cav mostly went without armour on the horses.. no chanfrons (or not commonly) , crinets,  mail, peytrals and cruppers"   so I´ve painted this lot up as Richard´s Bodyguard that´s my excuse for all the armour.

The "purists" could use the nags from the Redbox Scurrers or any number of other medieval sets.
Hardly any Flash that Needs removing (there´s one or two mold lines nbut easily dealt with using a razorblade)  and the nags stand up after having the mold channels disguised as Little "clumps of grass" removed from thier legs.
6 poses but there´s 8 nags and riders in the pic? Ok..I´ve been converting again :-)
Clubs and Hammers.  On the scan of the bods over at PSR (LINK) the bod on far left of the top row is clearly  Holding the hammer  the wrong way around. This is easily resolved..cut it off and turn (I´ve replaced it with one from a Valdemar weapons set)
I hate painting the swirly bits on Lances!!!!
Another small (and due to the molding process, probably unavoidable) the rear part of the Lance is missing.  Again, easily fixed. Bit of stretched sprue, short Piece of wire  to pin it to the rear of the arm of the rider..finished.
The only two nag poses.

Standard bearer. Head swop with a zvezda French Knight, Florist wire flagpole, flag printed.