Tuesday 6 August 2013

Medieval Bombard (working scale model)

I had the Zvezda bombard set but the Barrel I´d sent to Simon ( Je Lay Emprins). His blog is full of Medieval  Burgundian loveliness...well worth a browse.
I was only interested in the bods anyway but then I thought "would it be possible to make a working bombard?"
It was and here it is finished and in situ.
From the bottom Picture it can be seen I´ve test fired it again to see if it held to the base(the touch hole Shows burn marks )
The bods have got more sense..they´ve all run off and hidden.

The Barrel is made from a length of brass tubing, covered in paper and then card rings added to give the shape of a bombard. All glued on with PVA.
It´s been test fired already, I didn´t want to add it to the base and have the thing explode.

And here it is in action after being added to the base :-D  Sometimes it takes a second or two for the vid to play and the microphone didn´t pick up the noise too well but it did make quite an impressive bang (evident by the "peep" of suprise my wife makes near the end, I didn´t tell her it was about to be fired)  Great fun :-D