Thursday 10 October 2013

Red Sky in the Morning (2)

Another 9 conversions using Accurates 100yrs war sets. Sir Hugh Jarse and Sir R. Sliker are off somewhere causing Trouble.
The 7 Standing conversions
Arm and head swops
More arm swops and the bod in the middle has had a simple weapon swop.
Another simple generic kniggit conversion , head turned in the other direction.

  Battlefield  "scatter"

The whole band of Marauders together.
So far, both sets have been quite usefull for conversions, a total of 20 infantry conversions (so far) from a total 24 available in both sets.(16 for the english and 8 for the French) All together, without the cavalry bods,  they make a decent little army.
With one day to go the voting on the Neopolitan Challenge Over at Anne´s Blog is if you haven´t already,  get along and vote RED!!!!!  :-D

The captchas. I´ve found out that you don´t have to bother typing the numbers in, just the letters, which asks the question..why do they even bother with the numbers? Why bother with captchas at all? Since swopping to comment Moderation I still get spam but  they don´t have the Chance of posting on old Posts without my knowing it and deleting them.