Sunday 12 February 2017

Airfix ACW Wargaming - Confederate infantry

The  4 confederate regiments aimed for are now  finished. Is 80 really enough ?
The 3rd Texas Infantry
The 28th Regiment, North Carolina
20th Reg. Texas Volunteers. The officer got a head swop.
3rd South Virginians
The flag of the 3rd South Virginians came  with a Batch of  unpainted Confederates (thanks Dean :-)) and was already painted and I didn´t have the heart to replace it.

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Airfix ACW Wargaming - Cassions

..and, Thanks to Mark I´ve finally been able to add two more limbers to the Project so every gun has it´s own limber.
Along with the stuff that Mark sent there were a couple of broken limbers, the towing bars were broken off (plastic rot) but seeing as I already had a couple of broken ones without wheels it gave me the chance of adding a couple of cassions to the Project.

I don´t really Need to add cassions but maybe at some Point I can add rules for re-supplying the guns.
An Airfix mag article (PDF´s of which were Kindly sent to me by Charles) Shows how to make the cassions and seeing as the articles are from the late 60´s they definately Count as "old School"
In the article it suggests using Balsa Wood to make them but it was quicker to use the spare ammo boxes and trim down the  bases
A Piece of Card added at the back and a cut down toothpick to hold the spare wheel. The axle was replaced (one side broke off...plastic rot) with a toothpick. Although I could have, I didn´t add footboards.
I decided not to add nags. There was only the possibility, without a lot more work adding a scratch made trail, to add two so I clipped the trail down and added a loop

At the Moment the cassions are seperate  but if at some Point ( I won´t stress if I don´t find any) I get hold of two more limbers I´ll base them together as a permanent set up.

Wednesday 1 February 2017

Airfix ACW Wargaming (Pt6)

2 lots of CSA Infantry (40 in total) finished and based. Another 40 are nearing completion.
Based according the the base sizes in the Airfix American Civil War Wargaming book, 25mm x 20mm for 4 bods per base.
Planned is at least 4 "regiments" per side but more could be added depending on supply of bods and me Holding interest and not getting sidelined into some other Project
One bod is from the Airfix Wagon Train set.
The flags...
At the back, The 3rd Texas Infantry
At the front, The 28th Regiment, North Carolina

I´m still in two minds as to wether I should spray the whole lot with gloss or leave them matt...

A couple of Hills made from plasterboard offcuts..heavy, durable..and cheap.
Basic shapes cut out, the edges cleaned up a bit  using a fine toothed woodsaw  then glued together with PVA.
Painted with cheap wall paint
"Little house on the hill"

A shout for Phil from Philotep´s 1/72nd Minis Kingdom Blog. As his blog titel suggests, he´s a follower of the true scale ..1/72nd ;-) ..and he´s a damned good painter..his trolls (HERE) for example.