Saturday 20 November 2010

Airfix wagon train (Pt II)

The bods part of the set.
The "guys". The very tiny one wearing the brown derby is supposed (I assume) to be a boy. One of them, (rear row) looks like he is feeding chickens ?????
The "gals". Again, the one which is supposed to be a girl looks a bit older than her size depicts.
Mrs Grump...oooh! The way she´s been photographed makes her look a bit like a well known 20th cenury dictator....and no, it´s not Charlie Chaplin :-)
The set, although old has few nice little details like Mr Potatoe eating his beans and holding a 3 pronged fork.
Strutting Joe carrying a....well it must be a sheep. What it´s physical condition is I don´t know, though I assume it´s not breathing.

Dio using them HERE  and the wagon HERE