Saturday, 20 November 2010

Airfix wagon train (Pt II)

The bods part of the set.
The "guys". The very tiny one wearing the brown derby is supposed (I assume) to be a boy. One of them, (rear row) looks like he is feeding chickens ?????
The "gals". Again, the one which is supposed to be a girl looks a bit older than her size depicts.
Mrs Grump...oooh! The way she´s been photographed makes her look a bit like a well known 20th cenury dictator....and no, it´s not Charlie Chaplin :-)
The set, although old has few nice little details like Mr Potatoe eating his beans and holding a 3 pronged fork.
Strutting Joe carrying a....well it must be a sheep. What it´s physical condition is I don´t know, though I assume it´s not breathing.

Dio using them HERE  and the wagon HERE