Tuesday 19 February 2013

Jean IV, Compte de Harcourt and Robert VI d´Harcourt.

Another two French flags for the Battle of Crecy project.
From left to right, Standard bearers for  Jean IV, Compte de Harcourt and Robert VI d´Harcourt

All the flags so far......(named from left to right)
The French flags.
Louis de Nevre, Charles de Valois, Jean IV de Harcourt, King Phillip, Robert III d´Harcourt, Guillaume de Flandre, Bernard de Moreuil and Louis de la Cerda.

The flags of Luxenbourg.
Johan von Bolchen, Johan von Rademachen, Friedrich von Befort and Gerhard von Grandpre Houffalize

The English flags;
Sir John Sayvelyn, Sir Richard Fitzalan, Sir Thomas West, Sir Thomas de Hatfield, Cross of Saint George (2x), John Lord Sutton, Sir John de Botefort and William lord Latimer.

All the flags in a group shot. Only 21!!!!!!. Less than 10% of the total!! A lot more to go yet!!!