Tuesday 15 October 2019

Orctoberfest (Pt2)

More Missile troops for the Orc army using the archers and crossbows from the  RedBox Dark Alliance goblins set 1 and a couple of new Green Skin archers, two converted from the Caeser Ratmen set and one from the Caeser Orcs with a head swop from one of the Dark alliance orc sets.
The entire Orc army with associated Goblins, Hobgoblin, Wargs and Trolls.
Total 222 individuals.  57 Goblins, 30 Uruks, 24 Warg riders and 5 single Wargs, 90 Orcs, 5 Hobgoblins and 11 Trolls. 

Right wing. Green Skins and Warg riders. The Green Skins are driving captives before them as a Human Shield.
Centre. Orcs, Goblins
Left wing. Uruk Hai and Warg Riders
That´s about half the Dark Alliance Army..Lizardmen, Ratmen, Skellies, Undead and Balrogs not included.

Edit; According to the post counter this is Post number 1000 which, after 9 years,  makes an average of 111 Posts a year and that means..I´m well below average n numbers of Posts for this year.