Sunday 2 October 2011

Strelets Sarmatian cavalry

This set is still in the master sprues stage and hasn´t been released yet but I have the fun and privilage of getting to have a bash at painting it now....Many thanks to STRELETS for allowing me the honour to do so. :-D
The whole colourfull gang
Boss and his mates
Missile bods. I managed to cut the front of the javelin off and had to replace the whole thing with a pin.
my two favourite bods from the set...:-D
Based for Impetus (sorry, pic a bit dark)
A nice set, which I guess could be used for Sythians and others. The riders need thier legs bending slightly outwards to fit them on the nags but it´s not a real problem. Very little flash and some nice details, especially on the horses. The Kontos could be a wee bit longer but it also would pose no problem if either in the set were to be replaced. The only real problem I had was finding any pics on the web as a reference to paint them..
A great partner set to these, would be some female warriors.
Both Herodotus and Hippocrates report on them being a large part of the Sarmatian army as is confirmed by sarmatian graves found with females in military clothing