Tuesday 24 December 2019

British Infantry in Advance 1701-1714 (Strelets)

I had to get them and they were to be drafted into  Colonel Jerimiah Coleman´s Fusiliers but they are a wee bit smaller than the bods already used , ie; From Zvezda or Italeri.
Still, they are lovely sculpts and as  Bodstonia could do with some sort of foe to keep them on thier toes,  they have been re-assigned as troops from Zvezdonia, a principality on the mainland of Plastasia.

The 1st Regiment of the Zvezdonian Imperial Army
44 bods, 4 sprues of 10 inf per sprue and one command sprue with 4 bods.
Pictured are Just the marching poses. The rest will get used up on another Regiment as and when the other sets appear. 

The molded Flags I removed. Easy enough in this case with minimal Damage to the bods but, I´ve said it before, why do manufacturers even bother to add them? At least this lot don´t have a molded pattern on them but still, painting them, even flat ones without a molded pattern,  is a complete pain. Even simple patterns are difficult, as shown on the painted versions over at PSR (HERE)
Easy rules;
1. Just label the bod as a Standard bearer and give him the flag pole without any flag or just a ring Hand so a flagpole can be added.
2. Don´t drape the flag over the bod making it difficult to remove or paint.
3. Have the flag, wether flat, draped, with or without a molded design,  seperate from the bod so the flag can be easily removed by cutting the flag pole.

The designs. I went for something  with a bit of an  "Imperial" and mildly menacing look and  Fitting  to the mid 18th Cent. IMHO, two headed eagles fit the bill.
The yellow version will be the Zvezdonian Imperial flag. The green one is the regimental one  to match the Cuffs.
I know. The flags are actual ones but now they are Zvezdonian
The Cords were made with the  thread that is used to hang up the  X-Mas tree chocolate decoration Things.

The officer sprue,which includes the two Standard bearers,  had a lot of Flash and removing it was not that easy, leaving the bods with a "bitty" appearance
The Colour scheme I picked is a bit X-masy which fits to the time of year. The basing won´t stay like it is. 

Oh!..and happy X-mas :-)