Monday 17 June 2013

Sir William de Erth of Airth - Bannockburn (Pt10)

4 more mounted  kniggit types, all of whom died during the two days of the battle.
Sets used;
Medieval Britian (Edmund)
Crusader Transport 1 (Both Williams and sir Pain)
Army of Joan d'Arc (Earl of Erths´s horse)
English Cavalry of Edward I (De vescay´s horse)
Army of Henry V (Mauley and Tiptoft´s (1st)horses)

Sir William de Erth of Airth, in Charge of the scottish army´s  baggage Train. William was  killed during the night of the 23rd by David II Strathbogie, the Earl of Atholl in an attack at on the baggage train at  Cambuskenneth Abbey. His arms were White and black..not as it appears in the pic, Grey and black.
Edmund de Mauely. Lord of Ascot. Killed on the second day at Bannockburn

William de  Vescy of Kildare, (English) Retainer  (dependent or follower of someone of rank) to Aymer de Valence, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (the guy in Charge of the archers and savior of Edward II at Bannockburn) . Here it looks like he´s watching Henry de Bohun´s  failed attempt to take on Robert de Bruce and thinking "what the......!!!"
Sir Pain de Tiptoft (de Tybotot/de Tibetot) (English)
Also killed on the second day. Sir Pain (also Payne) got a head swop using a head (Zvezda) from the spares box . I´m not at all pleased with the nag and now I´ve got hold of a full set of  English Cavalry of Edward I  , I´m going to give him something  more fitting to sit on............. this :-D
In fact, at some point,  I´m going to re-mount Edmund and both  the Williams  onto barded nags. Even though there´s not really enough barded nags in the Strelets range it´s worth the extra bit of effort. The unbarded nags will get used for untiteled types, sergeant-at-arms etc