Friday 25 May 2012

Orc warriors 2 (Conversions)

A bit of snipping and another 5 orcs are added to the warband.

Bottom half of rider and horse from Zvzda´s Carthaginian Numidian Cavalry I´ll give the rider a wolf when I find a decent sized one.
Orc knight after head swop onto a Zvezda English Knight of the 100 Years War
They even make good Wildmen (Cavemen) after a head swop using Zvezda´s Medieval Peasant Army
The weapon´s it done? Quite simple really
Tools....cork, pliers, sharp blde (I like to use cutdown Razor blades..easier to handle) a pin and a Darning needle. The 0.8mm florist wire is for making lances/flagpoles etc.
Simply remove any previous weaponary. With the pin, make a hole right through the hand, being carefull to make sure it goes exactly through the middle. I´ve found it´s best to use a pin first for the harder type plastics and even the softer ones (HaT) It opens up the plastic a bit before the proper hole is made. If you see any whitening of the plastic put the bod into   boiled water for a minute. This will destroy the plastics "memory"
After making the first guidance hole ust the darning needle to expand the hole. Slowly push the needle through and at least once  hold in hot water to further destroy the plastics memory. Go all the way to the thickest part of the needle, hold in hot water to again destroy the memory and retain the hole and take the needle out. Fill the hole with a weapon .Told you it was easy :-D
For bods that end up with say a spear hold in both hands and previously  they had only one weapon (the orc archer above) it´s just a matter of looking at the bod, working out if the pose suits  and then giving it a go. Conversions like the orc archer are a bit more seem to need 2 pairs of hands to hold, twist and insert the lance through each of the two hands but with practice it works fine.