Wednesday 30 May 2012

Zvezda Trebuchet

Finally after a very long search I´ve obtained the Zvezda Trebuchet. I found it for sale at Kalfakis Model Hobbies in Athens..and I can only HIGHLY commend the service provided. Even as a first time customer, every one of my questions was answered,  after I put the wrong (Too high) price in I was E-mailed that I was going to pay too much and  the delivery was prompt. A big thankyou to Costas for the excellent service ....:-D 
He has another 5-6 Zvezda trebuchets for if you´re after quick ;-D
All three together..Faith, Hope and Charity. From left to right, Miniart, Fredericus-rex and Zvezda

Hello to Jen and Ben from Jen & Ben´s Wargaming Figures blog. If only I could paint as well as they can!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 27 May 2012

Palm Trees ( "scratch Built" )

Sir Henry Botherington Smyth is having a relaxing rest under the shade of a couple of palm trees. The well is re-cycled from the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem Dio.....
The palm to make them. A couple of weeks ago Michel from Germania Figuren visited and we discussed, among other things, Palm Trees. He told me that Erik Trauner makes his using the middles from Pinecones. Off  I went and got one and we both tried (without success) pulling the scales off with pliers etc. A few days ago I was again  thinking how to make palmtrees for the Khandibar set up and bingo!!!
What do you need ? A pair of scissors, some clear silicon, some plastic decoration leaves (the sort with a metal or plastic spine welded under the leaf, the ones used for roses seem to be the best) a Pine cone...AND!!!!!!...................
..........A Squirrel. One of the visitors to our garden...:-D

Squirrels like the seeds in pine cones and to get at them they strip the scales off. and then throw the core down. After just a quick look under a pine tree near our house I collected over 50 such "cores". The only thing the squirrel doesn´t do is remove the "tuft" of scales at the top, but as this can be easily snapped off, I´ll let them off.
The Plastic leaves. Simply cut down to the rough size wanted, and with scissors cut irregular strips all along the sides. When that´s done, turn the leaf over and remove the last 1/2 cm of the spine near the base of the leaf. This gives it a nice flat area for attaching. Bend the leaf to shape(the bending also spreads the fronds apart)....and using silicone, glue to the top of the pinecone core in an overlapping clockwise (anti-clockwise)  pattern.

If anyone is interested, Valdemar are looking for sponsors to help fund a set of Bods.

The concept:
It costs 50 euro to be part investor in the set, these money are used to help cover some of the development costs. What you get are that you help the range grow and you get 1 sample set from the first testshots, so you will get the figures way before anyone else.

You sign of for 1 share (10 total) and when all ten are sold the project will begin. If the project are not completed you will get your money back
It will be a "brutal" battle if your interested,  contact Jens on the Valdemar site

Friday 25 May 2012

Orc warriors 2 (Conversions)

A bit of snipping and another 5 orcs are added to the warband.

Bottom half of rider and horse from Zvzda´s Carthaginian Numidian Cavalry I´ll give the rider a wolf when I find a decent sized one.
Orc knight after head swop onto a Zvezda English Knight of the 100 Years War
They even make good Wildmen (Cavemen) after a head swop using Zvezda´s Medieval Peasant Army
The weapon´s it done? Quite simple really
Tools....cork, pliers, sharp blde (I like to use cutdown Razor blades..easier to handle) a pin and a Darning needle. The 0.8mm florist wire is for making lances/flagpoles etc.
Simply remove any previous weaponary. With the pin, make a hole right through the hand, being carefull to make sure it goes exactly through the middle. I´ve found it´s best to use a pin first for the harder type plastics and even the softer ones (HaT) It opens up the plastic a bit before the proper hole is made. If you see any whitening of the plastic put the bod into   boiled water for a minute. This will destroy the plastics "memory"
After making the first guidance hole ust the darning needle to expand the hole. Slowly push the needle through and at least once  hold in hot water to further destroy the plastics memory. Go all the way to the thickest part of the needle, hold in hot water to again destroy the memory and retain the hole and take the needle out. Fill the hole with a weapon .Told you it was easy :-D
For bods that end up with say a spear hold in both hands and previously  they had only one weapon (the orc archer above) it´s just a matter of looking at the bod, working out if the pose suits  and then giving it a go. Conversions like the orc archer are a bit more seem to need 2 pairs of hands to hold, twist and insert the lance through each of the two hands but with practice it works fine.

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Orc Warriors (Caeser )

Medieval fantasy? Well....Sort of..:-D
There´s a few more fantasy sets planned and some more available, like the Orion/Dark Alliance orcs, and at some point maybe PSR will have to add a new section to the listings and move the Caeser sets out of the  Features section.
Even using just one pose of each from the set they make a decent sized warband.

The one on the far left..a female?
My favourite poses from the set. I haven´t yet added a symbol on the standard..I can´t decide on anything appropiate yet..and I don´t want the usual red eye or white hand....
I haven´t added bowstrings. Their big ugly heads are in the way.

Hello to Dead Guy from DeadGuy´s Ditch blog. He´s not been blogging for long and has just posted an excellent post called,  The One Wargame Book To Rule Them All about a wargames book called Games of war.
Hello to Don Carlos Suratos from DC23 Hobbies Blog.  The "just short of " 2,000,000 hits shows how popular his site is and no wonder, he´s got some pretty amazing stuff...the tutorials section is really something else!!

Monday 21 May 2012

Elves as Adventurers

Elves? I´m not too keen on them myself...bit to "high and mighty" for my liking, so these got thier ears trimmed and have joined the human adventurers.

Ok...she lost her long pointy ears but the eyebrows are still a problem
An attempt at getting a nice glittery dress effect..
Alan Assassin aims an arrow accurately at an apple- 

Saturday 19 May 2012

Converted Medievals

One of the great things about 1/72nd plastic bods..they are comparatively cheap and therefore there´s no great loss when experimenting with conversions.

 Easy conversion. Two from the Miniarts French Knights with assault ladders. Normally they are attached to the ladder but after removing the "ladder Clips" and attaching one foot to a base, two carging Knights.

Another easy one. The Archer´s body from Aifix´s Sherriff  of Nottingham set and a head from the Zvezda´s French Infantry of the Hundred Years War. The standard bearer (from Redbox´s Town and county Levy ) lost his Halberd and gained a flag. 
More complicated. A couple  of bods from Zvezda´s English Infantry of the 100 Years War, with a bit of arm twisting / swopping, the hands re-modelled and the seigepark gets a couple of new workers.   
Body transplants. Always a bit dodgy. The top half has to look "natural" on it´s new legs. This isn´t difficult when creating a riding pose but the foot bods are a pain. Both tops halves are from Zvezda´s French Knights.   The trumpeter´s legs are from Zvezda´s French Infantry of the Hundred Years War, the Knave´s from Italeri´s Medieval Tournament and Medieval Challenge.. (one thing..the hand of the trumpeter, the one holding the trumpet..try that at home!!!! ) 

Thursday 17 May 2012

Edward Lear Animals

It was the  birthday anniversary of the artist and writer genius,  Edward Lear or as he would introduce himself, Mr Abebika kratoponoko Prizzikalo Kattefello Ablegorabalus Ableborinto phashyph.  
Born on the 12th of this month, 200 years ago,  there was a lot of discussion on Radio 4 LW about him..and it got me thinking..  :-D

A a camel,
with the head of a horse.
A an animal
the other way around...of course!
The very ungainly looking Hamel
The almost feasable looking Corse
Hello to Mr Lee
Hello to  Michigentile from Michigentile´s Microworld blog. Member of the Valdemar Forum (the place for medieval fanatics) A fan of medievals and he creates some excellent dios on the period.

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Colonial Beer Wagon

After seeing Michael´s Excellent Water cart I had to have one myself..ok, the medieval ones got in the way but finally I have produced one for the Khandibar colonials. if..and when Hat releases it´s Colonial General service wagons and Oxen carts I will make a small supply train..which will never live up to the genius of this supply column. Some of the photo´s are damm near to looking real, well worth a look...(he said jealously :-D)
Even after a bit of work, the Renedra barrel still has visible misaligned mold lines. Still, they are cheap and Renedra do make some lovel terrain pieces.
Carriage from Zvezda´s Peter the great russian artillery set, horse from Airfix´s German mountain troops..bod from HaT
Hello to Kaptain Kobold :-D

Sunday 13 May 2012

Airfix WWII British infantry

After a long pause I´ve finally got back to my quest of painting every set of bods that Airfix has ever produced using only original figures.
63 sets, of which 3 feature mainly  animals so don´t count (ok, the Zoo animals set 1 has a bod in it) and the SAS set which is listed but was only ever made in 1/32nd. 5 sets are repeated..they have an earlier version and if I ever get through the PSR list I´ll paint them as well. 59 sets of which I´ve got 31 finished !!!! :-)

I won´t make any comment, the review at PSR says it all.

Narnia - The Invasion Begins!!!!!

Thursday 10 May 2012

Medieval Ale wagon (2)

The first recorded incidence of Drunk driving..luckily he´s got no number plate!
Same procedure as last time..except with this one I´ve used one of the horses from the Russian artillery of Peter the great (Reins removed and replaced) and a bod form Valdemar.

It´s the second FIGZ event soon!!!! :-D
When: June 3rd 2012 from 10:00 to 17:00h
Where: Dennenweg 106 Arnhem (Click here for a map)
Free entrance, Bring and show, workshops

Look it up on FB;

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Medieval Crossbowmen (Strelets)

Possibly not the best set in terms of detail, the crossbows for example are pretty crude but for the range of poses, a good set. 14 poses which gives a lot of variety for the battlefield.
As noted on PSR "It would have been both appropriate and appreciated if the set had include some pavise shields which were commonly used by those armed with the crossbow". 
Well, I´ve sorted that out :-D
All the bods together in a firing fires while the other loads. I haven´t based them yet....I´m still deciding wether to keep them in one block or base individually or pairs.
Some of my favourite poses. The wide range of clothing styles means that at least one or two can be used for certain periods...for example, the one kneeling..a Norman or a crusader
One big mistake...medievals with trousers!!!! They will get re-done, I´ll add a bit of green stuff to create boots.
A slight upgrade to the scratch made Pavisen  With a pin I made a hole up behind the paper and inserted a straightened out Staple, bending it slightly to give the stand the correct angle.

Hello to Martin. Sorry mate.either my bloggers friend link aint on or your´s isn´t..same with Anne´s on it..doesn´t show a link. May be something to do with the new PC.
Hello to Anne from Anne´s Attic Blog. I really like the Rabbit Ranger :-D

Sunday 6 May 2012

Medieval Ale Wagon

Every army needs a drink at the end of the days work.

Driver a converted archer from Miniart`s Fench Knights with assault ladders, Horse from Zvezda, the wagon, a 3pdr gun carriage from Zvezda´s Russian artillery of Peter the great, barrel from Renedra
Tap made from a bit of the wagon sprue from the side of the 3pdr gun carriage. 

Scratch built Serpentine
Made with a bit of balsa wood, some card, bit of an old paintbrush and copperwire
Hello to Millsy, Mad wargamer and Liverpool FC Fan...
Hello to Nathan from Napoleonic Military Modelling blog.
Sorry, no  back links to your blogs. Due to technical PC blew up, it actually went bang!!!
I´m posting this on a Laptop that has the memory capacity of a goose, which means..I open another tab and have two blogs up at the same time...everything stops!!!!!!

Thursday 3 May 2012

HaT El Cid Cavalry and Pieter De Coninck

I´ve already painted the HaT El Cid Heavy cavalry as Normans but now they are painted for their intended role.

Recently, Peter from Peter´s Cave Blog painted up a set of the Strelets Medieval levy II  as Guildsmen  at the battle of the Golden Spurs (this site, De Liebaart,  is an excellent resource for the period., weapons, clothing, cooking and life in general )
Well, he can´t be allowed to get away with it, So this is my "answer" , Pieter De Coninck. He had a lively life, a weaver who,  along with his mate, the butcher,  Jan Breydel, became a revolutionary leader and was eventually Knighted. (The Baker and the candlestick maker aren´t mentioned  :-D )
Wether the light blue of the caparison is correct I don´t know..but it looks good in combination with the heraldry
Horse from Accurate´s Hundred Years war Kights of france, Pieter from Valdemar