Thursday 19 May 2011

One bod...6 Jobs

The Airfix Robin Hood set...I love it...there seems to be a mass of things to get out of it. A head swop here, a weapon swop there...and bingo..peasant becomes footsoldier.
The basic pose..
Stick swop, and now he´s the old boy of the villiage
Stick swop, twist of the neck and an arm added, now he´s capn Hornblower
Stick swop, head swop (Redbox Hussite artillery) and now he´s king of the slingers
Head swop (Revel english knights)bit of greenstuff and now he´s a guncrew member
The last reincarnation. Hand swop, head swop, sheath and shield added..
Hello to Matt from In The Grand Manner blog, in the main newline design napoleonics and a few little gems like this one Peter of Dreux.