Sunday 5 March 2017

Airfix ACW Wargaming (Terrain)

Bits and pieces of Terrain keeping to the Old School  "cheap,cheerfull, robust and quick" idea behind the Project.
The difficulty is trying to not get too involved with the Terrain.. the aim is for a more early wargames days, not quite as sparse or simplistic as just using the lawn * aka H.G.Wells Little wars but also not going for something along the lines of;
"as Close to   realistic as possible, so realistic in fact, that if I was small enough to be able to  skip merrily across this landscape, I´d hear birds tweeting and see"
..........and it´s all got to fit into a storage box without getting snapped, bent or crushed.

Also, the more "realistic" the longer it will take and as the target is to get this Project finished by the end of march this year,  it´ll do as it is.

Made from......
.....An old pan cleaner (the type with the green scrubbing surface) and sections of an old wooden Jointed folding ruler . Being old and  used pan cleaners, they already had weathering added
The ruler cut into lengths the same length (roughly 10cm´s)  as the pan cleaner and then rubbed with sandpaper so the paint will stick.
The scrubbing surface of the The pan cleaner torn off , cut in half, then each half folded and stitched (yes stitched) together. Stitching proved faster than glueing and less messy than a hot glue gun.
The bases are simply painted green and the pan scrubber glued on with PVA.
Posts made from bits of high density foam, gates from chopped up Coffee stirrers.
Peasy. Strips of thin MDF board (from the back of an old cupboard) PVA smeared over the surface, sand drizzled over that and painted dark Brown then a  mid- Brown  drybrush.

Again, thin MDF, Banks made with a mix of  sand/wallfiller and PVA glue . "Water" painted with first matt mid blue and then, to get a bit of a shine,  a mix of blue/green window paint with a smudge of Brown added.
Base the same as the roads and rivers. The sides of the Bridge high density foam and the road surface from thick Card.
Quick test set up of the roads, Bridge and a couple of river pieces. Yep, Looks fine to me :-) So I´ll Need a couple more short sections of road and river and that´s sorted.
A couple of hours work and a cost of a couple of euros.

* I used to get a lot of complaints from Mater for digging earthworks in the flower beds or worse,  Setting fire to  Palisade  forts/houses made from lolly sticks and twigs  that were built in the middle of the lawn.

Oh...and as I´m loosing track of which and whose Blogs I´m following, I´ve started work on sorting the blog rolls into categories;
Ones with mainly 1/72nd/20mm Content
Ones with mainly 28mm Content
And others...mixed Content, historical only, busts, 54mm etc until I get around to Setting up other blog rolls.
It´s a lot of work..more than I reckoned upon. Swopping the Blogs about means opening a couple of Windows at one time, swopping between them, adding and deleting as I go along. Deleting is the worst part. Trying to find a blog among the others on a list is a can´t put them into alphabetical order!! If your blog isn´t already under it´s blog roll heading (or in the wrong one)..don´t worry, I´ll get around to it eventually..or tell me