Friday 13 December 2013

Scottish Cavalry - Bannockburn (re-visited)

The original stands (HERE) were ok, but there was too many light cavalry types so...
The "light" cavalry types mostly removed apart from two and some kniggits added. The Bases, which I didn´t like the look of anyway,  remade, still using the Impetus sizing  guidlines, three small stands side- by - side make one complete frontage. All the possible Scottish Lords etc that were at Bannockburn aren´t represented, I could (theoretically) add a few more, Graham, Gordon, and Boyd for example but the Situation is  way better than before.

Sir Niel Campbell (Niall mac Cailein )
John de Cameron  - Clan Chief VII
Alexander de Seton who was with the english on the 1st day  of the battle but crossed during the night and joined Robert´s Forces.
Alexander  Fraser of touchfraser and cowie, Sheriff of Stirling.
The lack of Strelets nags with a caparison is leading to drastic measures, Cameron, Seton and Fraser all have converted nags. More on that later.

For those interested in medieval art, then  Matthew Ryan´s Site is well worth a visit. Stunningly well detailed drawings of medieval soldiery