Monday 7 October 2013

The Neapolitan Painting Challenge started!

My entry to the Neopolitan "Comp" ...Miss B.Hayve
Three painters, three sculpts, three idealized beauties in the form of a Redhead, a Blonde and a Brunette.
So, get over to Anne´s Blog and vote!!!!!

A blonde bombshell by Anne O´Leary
                                     A brunette Amazon by Marzio from Fog´s Soldiers Blog

With different Backgrounds, lighting and camera Settings.

The helmet. I added a Gold "glitter" effect to the "eyes" but it doesn´t Show up in pics!!!
At least the eyes are a bit easier to paint in 28mm.
Reaper Miniatures;60072: Chivane, Red Mantis Assassin
The Background (Top pics, kindly suggested by Anne) is from Corvus miniatures and can be found, along with four other colour schemes HERE