Thursday 6 September 2018

Union Infantry on the March - Strelets

20 bod poses in this, again not including the Streltsi, 19 poses. One is reckoned to be a Sergeant but I´ve put him to one side..maybe he´ll end up as an Artillery officer. As with the sets, there´s  only one Standard bearer so two rank and file bods had to be drafted in to make up the numbers.
Again, a doddle to paint and very Little Flash.
The Standard is the 15th Winsconsin.

The "Sergeant"
A bit of "Nature News".....4 more Urchins have been Born in our garden.
The pic below is the 4 of them just after they left thier nest. 
Two Portrait shots. They are quite Young and them to the Ivy leaves :-)
Two days ago there was a cheeping noise from the nest. I thought it was a bird being disturbed by them moving about but was one ot the Urchins cheeping!!! I never knew that hedgehogs could cheep but apparently they do it when they want to Signal to thier mother.
The next evening I waited for them to come out and one was so happy it´d found a big cheeped! 
THIS link has an example of one chirping.