Tuesday 1 August 2017

Burgundian Field Artillery - Mars

The Sculpting is the usual Mars Standard, not good and adding to the Problems of the sculpting, there´s a lot of Flash to deal with.
The Review at PSR Shows a bit of Flash but either they have got a sprue with less Flash or have removed most of it.
Both the bods and the guns suffer from it, in fact, I nearly gave up whilst removing it. Still, after the snipping and carving the bods and guns (the wheels are the worst part) they become a servicable if rough looking set.
The Bods.
6 on each of the 4 sprues.
One is Holding a rather large cannon ball that has a much larger caliber than either of the guns which goes for the swab sponge Held by another.
As with all the bods, the faces look a bit punched in.
The seated bod. Exactly what the blob is above his Hand and his ale mug is I don´t know. A rather large thumb?
The Standing bod. Under his right Hand is another undefinable object. I didn´t notice until I started painting but It appears to be the handle from a dagger.

The guns
One carriage, two wheels and a choice of two Barrels on each sprue.
No glueing necessary but the Wheel hubs Need a bit of Drilling out (a 0.8mm bit will do the Job) so the axles fit.
The Crew isn´t as good as the RedBox Hussite one but the guns are better, though not as good as the Zvezda guns.
Two spare sprues have gone onto the Bods 4 Sale page but as I´ve written, they do have a bit of Flash to remove.
As for the spare Barrels from the two sprues I´ve used? Without going to the effort of creating a carriage...a Small Bombard?