Monday 17 February 2020

Knights of the Round Table (Pt 7)

Merlin and Guinevere.
I was going to give Merlin a nag with caparison so I could use his C-o-A , Sable, a fess Argent, 3 owls argent, a made up set of arms but what isn´t about the Arthurians Coats of Arms.
Anyway, I decided against it and he and Guinevere are mounted on normally tacked nags.

Guinevere riding side saddle? This is High medieval fantasy so why shouldn´t she?

The Merlin bod is from the Dark Alliance´s Half orcs on Wargs set . He was originally holding a bomb in his Right hand but I´ve removed the fuse and made it into a Crystal ball.
Could he ride a nag whilst Holding a staff in one Hand and a Crystal ball in the other? Of course he can, he´s Merlin!!
Guinevere is a Valdemar bodette from the Medieval Lovers set and her nag is from Odemars Carpentum set.

Incredible dio time. 1/35th scale "Sturmpanzerwagen 563 "Wotan"
Bods scratchbuilt, the tank super detailed, (interior as well) HERE
I´ve got this listed among my top ten favourite dios
The build thread is worth a look as well