Tuesday 1 May 2012

HaT El Cid Spanish Infantry ( Conversions )

A couple of head and arm swops to get some variation amongst the troops.
Head swops
The two on the left have had head swops, the two on the right thier arms.
 A bit of decoration added to the Gunboat´s cabin
Speed regulator, map table and a nice picture of Queen Vic.
Hello to Scott from Scotty´s Workshop blog. Some great looking minis and He says ; I am a 28 year old Miniature-aholic from northern Utah. If I'm not painting miniatures I'm probably thinking about painting them. Sounds great to me :-D
Hello to Sean from Sean´s 10mm World Blog.  He´s just started blogging and his first post..10mm WotR´s is great... When I think they are half the size of my bods!!!
Hello to Alessio Palmesano...sorry..I can´t find any link. If you have a blog please tell :-D