Wednesday 21 December 2011

The CCC ( Colonial Camel Corps)

I really don´t like painting camels...there´s so much of them!!!! :-D
This lot are made up from the HaT british camel corps and the HaT Egyptian Camel Corps
Nice sets...only one thing..there could be a couple more dismounted bods to create a firing line.
I went for two different camel colour schemes..lighter ones for the off set all the grey and darker for the Egyptians to offset the white.
I painted the helmets as they should be..but I didn´t like the look so went with plain white without the green band.
The faces have turned out looking a bit too dark in the photo...
Definately a lack of different dismounted bods!!!
I nearly forgot...what rules will I use for them?. I´ve got a set of napoleonic wargames rules written by T.J.Halsall and A.M.Roth and published by Newbury. All the basics are there, melee, morale, movement etc..I´ll just have to upgrade weapons ranges, fire rates, come up with an idea for gatling gun effects and bingo :-D

Hello to J Womack Esq. JW, long term blogger has 5 blogs!! I´ll pick one...Victoria's Boys in Red (fits with my present painting theme :-D ) Victoriana / Steampunk...another gaming theme which I really like the look of...