Sunday 23 February 2014


A Tholos -  Quote;

"A tholos (sometimes tholus, from Ancient Greek θόλος) is an ancient Roman feature found in the macellum. It is a round structure, usually built upon a couple of steps (a podium), with a ring of columns supporting a domed roof. It has been suggested that the tholos, well provided with water and drains, was where fish were sold, although other uses for the central tholos have been suggested, such as the place where official weights and measures were held for reference or as shrines to the gods of the market place. Some macella had a water fountain or water feature in the centre of their courtyard instead of a tholos structure."
This one´s a bit too big for the new Forum and way to big for the original one (Now a Macellum) which has a water Feature anyway, so it might end up either as a feature on it´s own, or..if I ever get it together, as a centre Piece for a bigger Macellum.

The pillars. Not exactly the effect I was looking for, neat and tidy, but it ended up looking having a bit more of a "used" look.
The Problem with pillars is getting them all the exact same length, especially with Long section like the New Forum. Get one or two a bit too short or longer than the others and it warps the roofing.
The bits and pices needed. A Kebab stick, set square,some corrugated biscuit paper, PVA and some A4 paper.
Simply mark off the A4 paper in strips of the required height and glue to the Kebab sticks, leaving a bit at the end so it can be attached to the flooring / Overhead construction. The set square is used to check wether the paper Strip is at a right angle to the Kebab stick. Get it at a slight out of true angle and when it´s rolled up it gets longer than required.
Simply smear some PVA along the paper and roll it up. Cut some corrugated to the required width and glue on. Paint and Cut off the rest of the Kebab stick.  I´ve now realised I should have cut the corrugated paper into 1cm strips to give the effect that the pillars are made out of sections...but "ya live un learn"  :-)

For those who haven´t seen it...this 1/35th scale dio, a Workshop with a scrapyard is well worth a look. Try and spot the human skull :-)