Monday 30 September 2013

Bodstonian Trappers

It´s been a Long time since I´ve done anything for Bodstonia,
Still..they aren´t going anywhere...I hope :-D
Another couple of additions , some trappers. using bods from the Atlantic Davy Crocket set.
A Little bit of an Info write up HERE 

The one Standing and firing is a conversion, Bottom half from the "3er" Group, top half from the kneeling bod.
The "bayoneting one is from the "3er" Group.

On the 10th of October the cröburn 1813 book becomes available!!!!! Pre-orders  are possible on thier new site History: die Welt in Miniaturen (The world in miniature)
Also available is a  DVD´s covering both Cröbern and Möckern and soon,  other great stuff, like the buildings etc.

And as a reminder, Anne´s  (O´leary´s Miniatures) and Pats (It´s Rhyme Time) giveaway is tomorrow. If it doesn´t Show up on your blog roll, it´s best just to look as Anne´s blog doesn´t seem to update on the blog rolls.