Medieval Links

A small collection of blogs and sites that are mainly medieval history based

Blogs / Sites (Historical/Re-enactment)
Alfonso X - Musical instruments
Ancient history and medieval warfare scale models
Bannockburn  - Scottish history online
Bayeux Tapestry
British History Online
Brookfield Ancestor Project - Surety Barons
Buckingham’s Retinue  UK WotR´s re_enactment group
Claiomh  - Irish living history and Military heritage
De Re Militaria  Portal for information on warfare in the Middle Ages
Doomsday Book online
Elizabethan Costume
Finer Times - Articles on Lifestyle, Culture & Society in the middle ages
Florilegium Urbanum - Contemporary perspectives on English towns and cities
Glossary of Medieval Art and Architecture
Hurstwic - Viking Age History
Internet Medieval Sourcebook  - Fordham University
Joan of Arcs companions-in-arms
Knight Medieval
Lars Datter - Medieval and Renaissance Material culture
Les Routiers de Rouen - UK WotR´s Re-enactment Group
Manuscript Miniatures
Medieval Bestiary  - Strange Monsters and General animals
Medieval Books
Medieval & Renaissance material culture.  Loads of links to contemporary paintings
MEDIEVAL LANDs - Biographies of Nobility from 400 - 1400
Medieval Lifestyle
Medieval Spell
Medieval World
Middelaldercentret   -  Denmark middle Ages "themepark"
My Armoury - loads of Features on medieval armour, weapons etc
Richard Head Longbows  - maker of longbows, arrows etc
Renaissance, The Elizabethan  World  Dress, customs, law
Room Boxes Made by Walter Vaughn.  historical recreations of working class rooms
Société de l'Oriflamme
The "Lost Langtons" -  Family tree of the Langtons
The Richard III Society,
The War of the Roses Federation - UK WotR´s Re-enactment group
Towton Battlefield Society
Tudor History org.
Viking clothing guide  Loads of PDF studies on viking clothing
Who´s who in Tudor History

Sites - Mainly Military Content
Art of Battle  Analysis of Battles, Ancient to modern, some with animations
Battle of Hastings
Hurstwic - Viking age Arms and Armour
Lion Rampant 
Military orders  Crusader/Templar orders
Military orders 2 Online Ressource site
Renaissance Warfare by George Gush. Airfix Magazine articles
Spanish Military orders 
Teutonic order
Tudor Place 
The Knights templar preceptory
War ofthe Roses Blog
Women Knights in the Middle Ages
Women Warriors             from 3500BC to the 20th Century
Weapons and Warfare      Military history & Warfare ...Excellent medieval section

Sites - Mainly Civilian content
BBC Medieval section
Exploring Birmingham´s Medieval streets
Historical recreations medieval dress
Medieval bestiary Animals in the middle Ages

Medieval cookery
Medieval lifestyle
Medievalists net   
Medieval news

Medieval europe online
Medieval Spell  
Mostly Medieval

Rosalies medieval Women  - Life/Fashion/Education etc of Medieval women
Sex, society and medieval women

The Medieval Garden Enclosed 
TimeRef medieval History Timelines

Heraldic sites
A Complete Guide to Heraldry
Arms from the Siege of Caerlaverock
Arthurian Coats of Arms
Aspilogia. Over 2000 C.oA´s from the late 13th and early 14th centuries.
Baron´s letter of 1301
Caerlaverock Roll 1300
Dering Roll
Early Blazon     Site dealing with early coat of arms from their onset to the end of the crusades.
Falkirk roll of arms - 1298 -Shield Patterns
Falkirk Roll or arms -1298 - Shield Patterns with latin explanations
Gelre Armorial 1370 - 1414
Glover's Roll c1252. Shield Patterns with latin explanations 
Grand Armorial équestre de la Toison d'or  1430-1461
GUILLIM'S ROLL - 148 English shields from 1295-1305
Heraldic glossary
Heraldica - Links to digitalised Armorial
Heraldicum - Heraldry Primer
Heraldik  - Blog with loads of  alphabetic order with search function (German language)
Heraldry  by Brian Tims. Loads of Rolls of arms
Heraldry of some Yorkshire Families
Heraldic primer
International Heraldry & Heralds.
Jeanne d´ Arc´s Companions 
Magna carta
Parker's Heraldry
Rôle d'armes de la bataille de Falkirk - 1298
Rous Roll c 1483 
Segar's Roll 1282
Scheibler Armorial
Steen Thompson´s Site. 700 shield designs, mainly Danish nobility but also Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, North German and Baltic states
STUDIES IN HERALDRY - Coats of arms and lots more
The Heraldry Society 
Wappenwiki   loads of nice shield designs
Willement´s roll of arms - armorial of nobles and gentry in the  reign of Richard II

Castles and Siegewarfare Sites / Blogs...
All about castles
Castles me
Castle terminology   A-Z with linked pictures
The Castles of Wales  Massive ressource site (which includes the link to Castle terminology)
Medieval seige Society A UK based  re-enactment Group
Rekonstruktionszeichnungen Deutscher Burgen

Medieval Personalities

Jeanne dárc  All you want to know about the maid of Orleans
Richard I the Lionheart
Richard III
Robin Hood

Artitec shop    Kogge   1/87 
Peter Leopold Painted Revell Kogge 1/72nd
Shipyard         Lasercut Kogge  1/72nd
Valdemar        Koggen, Warships


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