Sunday 12 March 2017

Airfix ACW Wargaming - Union Infantry

4 regiments of Union infantry.
Close ups
 22nd United States Colored Infantry.
As far as I can tell, the USCT (United States Coloured Troops) don´t seem to get much representation in wargaming, which, considering they made up around 10% of the Union Army is ..?..Odd?
For whatever reason (mainly my crappy photography skills) the jackets of those nearest look a bit Grey and the officer (officers in USCT regiments  were  White)  has turned out looking darker than he should.
"Red Legged Devils".   84th New York "14th Brooklyn Zouaves" (Chasseurs)
Using the ancient,  54 yrs old,  Airfix Foreign Legion set (Mk1)
Possibly the trousers are a bit too baggy for the 14th but this set allows the representation of  gaiters, without a lot of trimming arounfd the ankles so fair enough.
The Havelocks (sun coverings) removed, kepis trimmed a bit, epaulettes removed.
I was going to replace the heads  and trim down the Long coats but being as old as they are, some were quite brittle so I decided against such Major surgery.
The bugler is from the Airfix  Union infantry set as I didn´t have one from the Foreign Legion set.
7th Winsconsin infantry
51st Pennsylvania  Infantry Regiment
Basically, target reached and that´s it for the troops for now*. Total;
160 infantry
56 mounted, Cavalry, officers
6 guns and 24 Crew
6 limbers and 2 cassions
2 wagons
Now onto finishing of the terrain bits.

*If I can get hold of and when, I´ll possibly double the number of infantry on both sides but until then, there are a lot of other Projects that Need Attention.