Wednesday 26 December 2018

Lizardmen Warriors

Oddly, this set Claims 11 poses on the boxart reality, there´s 12!! Not only of the poses shown on the boxart appears to be carrying some sort of standard..and, he aint included in the 12 poses I got in the box.
The rat´s..Box says 12 but there´s only 11, Lizards, box says 11 but there´s 12. Odd?

The usual softish rubbery type plastic favoured by Caesar, no Flash. Two of them have seperate arms which fit without glueing. As with the ratmen, there´s two types of shields, one cresent shaped and the other round and as with the ratmen, in some cases they need glueing.
Couple of Close ups

A doddle to paint due to the lack of clothing, belts and the like,  I went for a "realistic green" and used that colour scheme for the 12 poses  but then thought..."why not have some in purple ?"
I added a bit of Gold to the mix to create a bit of a shimmer which doesn´t really come out in the pics.
...and, if purple, why not blue ? There´s blue versions on the boxart
The whole gang together
The big lizard Comes from the Modern Mounted Amazons set