Wednesday 1 August 2012

Military Order Warriors (Strelets)

Twelve poses, all of them static but they are intended for and make a pretty decent shieldwall as suggested HERE on PSR.
I haven´t painted them up as members of a Military order, I´ve got enough of those for now but there can never be enough arrow fodder. I went for made up stripes designs, cheverons and pales etc on thier shields.
Several of them, after a shield swop  could be recruited into a Norman army
The bod on the right looks like he´s armed with a Falchion. without a crossguard. Although this looks wrong, I´m pretty sure I´ve seen Falchions without crossguards.
he bod second from the right. He hasn´t got baggy 16th century trousers ala Black Adder, it´s the padded Gambeson split

Additional Standard bearer converted from the Strelets Medieval crossbowmen set.