Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Teutonic Grand Master III

Another  Teutonic Grand Master to go with the Valdemar Version and  Italeri  one but this time from the Mars  Medieval Baltic Crusades set.
At PSR they rightly note that the Knight won´t fit onto his mount, the saddle is way to small, but that´s easily cured by cutting the back rest off :-D

The shield pattern and flag are from  Luther von Braunschweig (also known as Lothar; ca. 1275 – April 18, 1335) who was the 18th Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights, serving as head of the order from 1331-35.
He most  probably wouldn´t have carried his own standard but it looks better and who cares? :-D

No snow on the base!? They (the teutonic Kniggits) are always protrayed as charging about on a winter landscape, but it can´t have been winter all year around .....
It was a bit fiddly painting the little eagles on the caparison