Monday, 19 March 2012

Catapult Crew (Fredericus-rex)

Sculpted by Markus Eckmann and available from Fredericus-rex, this set can be used for not just catapults and trebuchets but as handworkers, labourers etc.. I really like the style of these sculpts..all very natural looking  and  I hope Markus adds expands the range
After you´ve wound up the weapon what else is there to do apart from have a beer or pick your nose ? :-D
Captain Sledge and corporal Hammer
Ammo carriers and the "aimer" He is meant to stand on part of the construction of a siege machine but the base would have had to be shortened and he has more uses as a single bod.
Alongside the Zvezda Catapult
Part 7 of the Pirate cutter. Not a lot really..just the addition of a Wheel.(basically...I´m just putting off doing the masts and rigging :-/ )

Hello to Dwilde from General wildes civil war in miniature blog  which has got me a bit the pics appear to be  from Captain Richards Miniature civil war Blog
Hello to Alexandre conefrey......your blogger connect isn´t on open
Hello to Silver whistle from Silver whistle wargaming blog. Pretty damm amazing stuff he  has too!!