Saturday 21 January 2012

Khandibarian Camels

I really don´t like painting camels but it has to be done. :-D
This lot are  from the  Hat Taaishi Camelry and the Hat  Hadendowah Camelry
A trick. The bods aren´t that stable when glued on so I cut the end off a pin, about 1cm long and using a pair of pliers, pushed the blunt end into the saddle. The plastic is quite soft so it doesn´t take much effort.
A couple more conversions. from the esci Muslims set. The bod on the left will be usefull for shooting down from a building or from a rocky hillside
Hello to Duane. I´ve read on Paul´s blog,  Caliban-somewhen, that he´s asked wether you have a blog..if so do tell :-D