Wednesday 31 August 2011

Old "converts"

So, it´s the end of the month and for me, the end of one year of blogging, well, this is post number 365  :-D
I´ve reached my target..a Post everyday, and then most of them Hobby related.
Virtually everything I have posted is from the last year or so or is; Just painted, made or whatever.
I´ve seen a lot of other peoples work and learnt a lot,  made contact with some great people  and!!...It´s been great fun!!!!! :-D

This little lot are from the begginings of my obsession, some 35+ years ago...In the days when there were few manufacturers and you had to make do, always wishing that Airfix would bring out the 1/32nd stuff in HO..or the other way around....oh what Joy!! :-D
I´m not sure anymore what regiments these lot are supposed to represent!!
Wagons roll!!
In those days it wasn´t a matter of was the having the "different pose" that counted.

A testimony to the holding power of Humbrol gloss paint...

Add a drawing pin and the bod on the left gets a shield  
As can be seen, I liked bods with MP´s. The one in the middle has had his MP40 replaced with a Panzerfaust (a pin)
Hello to Andy from Modest miniatures. Very nice VBCW in 28mm and as Andy says;
However unfortunately I never seem to actually get to game; I just spend hundreds of hours modelling and painting, occasionally producing the odd bit of scenery and a scary amount of time making endless army lists for devastating forces that shall never see the light beyond the end of the miniature display cases.
I Know what he means :-D