Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Strelets Norman Archers

Another little bit of my Norman army finished and still following the principle of no repeat bods in any armies.
I like the way the set is divided neatly (per sprue) into 4 armoured archers, 4 unarmoured firing and 4 reloading..makes for a good looking firing line. The set has a lot of potential for jumping the bods forward in time a few centuries and putting them in a 13th, 14th cent army..a head swop here and there ...:-D
The 4 armoured including a crossbowman
The 4 unarmoured firing
The 4 reloading
Hello to Springinsfeld from Mercurious Atticus  
He writes, " A True Relation of Strange Proceedings in a Somersetshire Loft"  His LotR army is amazing!!! 
Hello to Alberto. who has two blogs...A Wash of Bourbon and El Brazo de Nelson.  1/2nd and other scales on both blogs..his latest, Swashbuckling and Musketeers in 28mm is fun...the use of bottles as weapons :-D