Tuesday 18 December 2012

Banner of the Holy wounds

Standard bearer from Robert Aske´s army during the Pilgrimage of grace , a catholic rebellion in england from 1536 -1537. They were two revolts which have been given the name Pilgrimage of grace, one in Lincoln and the other at York, but the York one (some 13-14 days after the lincoln one)was the actual Pilgrimage of grace.
This is completely ignored in the TV series  "The Tudors" but seeing as the series has more historical mistakes per hour than any other I can think of,  why not let them make another. I like how Wiki describes The Tudors as " historical fiction".   They should have swopped fiction for fantasy ..I mean, which script writer came up the the idea of Pope Paul III trying to assasinate of Anne Boleyn before her coronation? In the style of  Commodus from Gladiator, "my history´s a little hazy, but didn´t Paul III get elected AFTER her coronation?"  
The flag he carries is the Banner of the holy wounds.

Another addition to my crecy flags collection, the Standard bearer for Bernard VI de Moreuil,  one of the french knights who fought at Crecy
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