Saturday 24 November 2018

Ratmen - Caesar

A Change from ACW...a bit more Fantasy.

It says on the box...12 poses but there were only 11 different poses in the box. After comparing each of the 11 actual  poses to the 12 pictured on the boxart to find out which one is missing,  I discovered one of the poses on the boxart is´s only 11 poses or, there´s another pose I haven´t got that wasn´t pictured on the Boxart.

Softish rubber style plastic and  as always with Caesar,   there´s virtually no Flash. One of the Ratakins has seperate arms but they fit well without gaps and without glueing. The shields (there´s two types, round or triangular ) don´t fit that well and in some cases need glueing.
Close ups
The Rat on the right, with the round shield,  is shown twice on the Boxart. Reason for the Claim of 12 Ratakins?
Ranged weapons section. Rat on the far left has a sling. I haven´t added bowstrings. The archer on the right has his head in the way and the one on the left, his leg.

Monday 19 November 2018


Originally a Mount from the Modern Mounted Amazons set which didn´t get used as I gave them Nags to ride.
After sitting in the "to do" draw it´s been painted and based and will go off as a X-mas pressie to a 11 year old Girl who collects Unicorns. I mean, there´s two in the set and who needs TWO unicorns!?

What doesn´t Show up in the pics is that the Unicorn has a silver glitter effect added to the Body..not too much as to be over the top ala, My Little pony....just a Little to add a bit of "Magic" 

Thursday 15 November 2018

Bods and Generals (3)

Another 4  Generals for the ACW Project. All from the Strelets Union General Staff (2)
Chosen more or less at random, the pose being more a deciding factor than  any particular personality from the set.
Whose who, According to the boxart and PSR
Abner Doubleday
In Charge of the cavalry. I painted his Outfit a bit more fancy to reflect his future Career.
George Armstrong Custer. 
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain 
Louis Philippe Albert of Orleans. (Philippe d'Orléans, the Count of Paris) As noted at PSR, an odd sort of Personality to add to the set.

It would be great if Strelets re-released thier Union General Staff 1. A lot of the bods could be used as Regimental or artillery commands, , both Union or Confederate.

Thursday 1 November 2018

Pickett´s Charge 2 - Strelets

17th Tennessee Infantry Regiment.
The officer.
 The bod on the far right. Surrendering or signalling to maintain/hold the line?
 Two brigades.
A couple of Union General staff, the wounded from the various Strelets sets and a couple more scenery/Building  bits and maybe some movement trays to do and another Battle can be fought.