Tuesday 19 January 2016

Airfix Fort Sahara - Monastery

Finally my head is getting clear and it´s back to painting etc.
First up this year, (apart from a Roman Villa and a couple of other bits) Something not on the "things planned for 2016" a Reconstruction of the Airfix Fort Sahara into a Monastery..usefull for a wide (or wider range) of periods, from early medieval to modern.

Basically, the idea Comes from Robert and his excellent Remodelling of the Airfix Fort Sahara into Le Monastère de Zinderneuf .

Some pilgrims are coming to visit…

...whilst inside, the Monks are either discussing what´s on the menu...…
..or maybe wether Brother Cedric´s Attire is quite appropiate

The re-build.
The original box with Contents.

Sanded down, the Little stubs of beam Ends and the door hinges removed.

The stairway is in a bit of an odd Position, anyone running down would stand a Chance of crashing into anyone coming out of the bottom door,  so it has been re-positioned
Addition of Quoins and brickwork around the doors and Windows

Stairway fixed in it´s new Position...more brickwork added, a start to adding stonework to the walkways.
The internal walls added. The bottom doorway gets covered over but it´s not much of a loss and was part of the plan anyway...and the main reason for altering the Position of the stairs.

Finally all the stonework/paving is finished

Walls smeared with a thin layer of PVA and sprinkled with fine sand, basing added. The Paving outside of the doorway had to go.

Paint it Black
Base coats and some weathering
Roof for the Tower, which will be removable. Scratchbuilt from card with a bead and a toothpick

Doors re-sized. I´ve scratched them up to add a Basic grain effect and cut bits off to create a "used" look.
Road and steps up to the Castle/Monastery
Little tufts added to the paving

I might add some other bits like a well, small storage hut, Garderobe but when there´s time