Monday 30 May 2016

Totem Pole

A Nexus Apache Camp Totem pole, found in the bits box at the BB Toys
This will end up as an abandoned totem pole  in the Bodstonian landscape, where, if anyones taking note, there´s no  religious aspect to the lifes and loves of the inhabitants, Bodstonian or native and it can be used in one of the six ways they were originally intended for;
House frontal poles,
Interior house posts,
Mortuary poles,
Memorial poles,
Welcome poles,
Ridicule or shame poles.

Luckily for my Bodstonian adventures, Totem poles have no religious meaning,and where not worshipped;

Totem poles are not religious objects, but they do communicate important aspects of native culture. Carvings of animals and other characters typically represent characters or events in a story. The carvings may symbolize or commemorate cultural beliefs that recount familiar legends, clan lineages, or notable events. The poles may also serve as functional architectural features, welcome signs for village visitors, mortuary vessels for the remains of deceased ancestors, or as a means to publicly ridicule someone.

Anyway, two of Bodstonias personalities, James Forrester and Adahy come across the abandoned Totempole in THIS Episode from the Federation of Bodstonia

Saturday 28 May 2016

What are these?

A bit of a mixed bag of bods and nags. All metal and all of them have either no markings or just numbers on thier bases.
Thunderbolt Mountain

2. These are a bit bigger than 1/72nd
Nag on the left, Mirliton, nag in the middle Minifigs
4. The nellie is roughly 1/72nd, the kniggits a bit bigger.
two bods, Minifigs
7. Gnomes ?
Tumbling Dice WOR

Any help much appreciated :-D

Saturday 21 May 2016

Teutonic Infantry on the March

As per the titel, Teutonic Infantry on the March from Valdemar (VA 110)...another small dent made in the lead mountian for the 1329 dio

The extras (weapons /shields) differ from those shown on PSR
One set (there´s two in the above pic). 9 Walking bods and one mounted, a pack mule and bits and pieces -  weapons and shields.
One of the mounted bods I´ve painted  "Freestyle"" so it can be used elsewhere in the dio. The shields are printed onto Card. It saves time painting each individual shield and Card shields are easier to attach than the metal ones.

Wednesday 4 May 2016


Nope..not a return to the Bannockburn Project from 2014, this lot are a new Valdemar set.

Set contains 10 bods, 1 mounted kniggit, 1 downed nag and some bits and pieces, like shields and swords. The only small let down,,,no pole arms. You get a roll of copper wire to create spears which meant straightening the wire and creating spear heads. Easy enough to do but a bit of a pain so I raided the bits box for Spears and halbards.

As I´d just about exhausted the Coats of arms for the Bannockburn Project and for a bit more choice, I´m adding some from the Falkirk rolls.

De Pinkney´s nag seems to be looking for sympathy from the Viewer
The infantry I painted up as generic types with no  reference to them being scottish or whatever. Valdemar has a couple more Spearmen sets so the Intention is to collect them along with a couple more mounted kniggits and make a dio.

Henry de Pinkeny 
Fought at Falkirk and although he appears to be in a bit of a sticky Situation in the pic,  he didn´t die there.
Or a fess indented gules
Piers de Chauvent
That he was at Falkirk seems pretty clear but I can´t find any other info about him.
Paly of six argent and azure a fess gules back to the lead heap and the 1329 dio.

Teutonic Knights (Pt3)

Another Batch to add to the 1329 diorama
Valdemar-Miniatures: VM029 Medieval mounted Knights resting......................

Sunday 1 May 2016

Roman Villa MK2

Roman Villa MK2.
The design and size  is based on my previous  Upper class roman house (built over 3 years time flys!!)
This one is for a collector who wanted one with a removable Roof and internal deco.
Walls - Scratchbuilt
Roof - lasercut
Mosiacs/Murals/paving - prints
Without roof
view from the garden / backyard
Along with the  Villa,  a set of Beehives with stands.
Beehives - resin
Stands - scratchbuilt