Sunday 4 March 2018

Mixed Medievals for 1329

Another Batch for the 1329 dio...this time a bit of a mixed lot. They all came in one bag but it Looks like there´s two, maybe even  three  sets mixed together.
Definately Valdemar ( I remember some of the labourers from ages back) but the working bods don´t fit alongside the richer looking ones.
The lute Player..what´s he doing among them..a Musical accompaniment to the workers? There was also a Jester but he was broken off his base at the ankles. What was his role? Jokes and tomfoolery to keep the workers Spirits up ?  Attempts to repair him was like trying to Balance jelly on a wet balloon so he ended up in the scrap metal pile.
16 bods (17 if the footloose Jester is included) which seems a large number of bods for a single set. I haven´t been able to track down a single one of them to confirm which set they belong to so I cannot say.
The one laying down is supposed to be Standing and pulling on a rope
 Upperclass bods
Pushing, pulling and carrying

*Apparently  a contraction of the word godfather. How that works I can´t imagine. Drunkenly slurring the word grandfather could, I suppose, come near to sounding like Gaffer but then for it to be taken as that, in the past, everytime godfather was said it would have to be by someone 9 Sheets to the wind. 
As far as I know, gaffer meant and on Building sites, was a term used for Foreman. In German it means someone who rubbernecks...someone who stands about and quite Fitting to some foremen, sorry, Gaffers,  I worked for.