Sunday 29 September 2019

Geoffrey Fitzgeoffrey de Mandeville and Geoffrey de Saye

Another two Magna Carta suretie Knights and their nags..easy enough paintjob.
De Saye, Quarterly, or and gules..yellow top left, red top Right
De Mandeville, the oppposite, red top left, yellow top Right.
Added to the Medieval Lords and Ladies list bringing the total up to 113. Another 12 are yet to appear but no longer will they be restricted to the 12th-13th centurys.
This new lot will go into another direction entirely..still showing the Coats-of-Arms of some famous Knights, some of which everyone has heard of and some that hardly anyone has heard of..or forgotton.

Friday 20 September 2019

Gilbert de Gant and friend

Another two dismounted kniggits and thier nags , this time a  Fantasy Coat -of- arms on the right  and Gilbert de Gant, Earl of Lincoln, on the left.
Gilberts´been added to the Medieval Lords and Ladies list

Sunday 15 September 2019

Mixed Kniggits

No particular Coats-of-Arms, more or less "just for fun"
Valdemar bods and one of the nags is from Italeri

Sunday 1 September 2019

Artillery of Charles XII

What can you paint with a broken middle finger Right Hand?
This lot :-)
24 poses in the set, one of which is a Streltsi so there´s actually 23 gunners. The set includes Two Cannons which are..well, not bad but not up to the Standard of ones from the likes of Zvezda,  a brazier, a big Barrel and two handspikes.
The ones without any Cannon related equipment can be used for camp Scenes / generic Bodstonian  types.
One has had his lintstock replaced with a scythe..maybe he´s been out cutting hay for the horses. Another has had his ramrod replaced with a hayfork...maybe he´s about to go a collect the hay.
I suppose this lot are supposed to be handling the guns. The set comes with Handspikes but they aren´t that good so got binned.
Officers. The bod in the middle ...a giant? 
All in all,  a nice Little set and considering it´s a second run, minimal Flash and very few mold lines to deal with. 

Not 1/72nd scale but THIS guy creates some really excellent stuff in 1/32nd scale

and, coincidentally Another Italian Hobby guy,  this time in  1/72nd. Why I haven´t caught Guiseppe´s Blog before I don´t know. He´s Building a whole roman town and then some. Amazing. Makes my Roman town (as it was) look amaturish.