Friday 28 August 2020

Peasant Levy - Tumbling Dice

Set FE21.
8 bods in 8 poses.
Weapons. 3 staff slings, a crossbow, a scythe, a sickle, 2 axes, a bow, 2 spears, a garden hoe and a two pronged hay fork.
A decent looking mob of extra light infantry and usefull for a wide range of  settings acrosss the medieval  period.

More staff slingers! They seem to be like buses, wait ages for one and then three come along at once.

Sunday 23 August 2020


Found chucked away in a skip. A way lot bigger than the usual Bods (she´s 8cm´s tall) but it made a change to upsize and have a rest from historical wargame themed Bods.
Made from Resin, I think the big water lilly was meant for a tea light.
All colours from Art and craft shops, Makes -Kreul or Hobbyline.
To paint The wings were the biggest problem and TBH, I´m not happy with the result. 
I´ll give her away as a present.

Tuesday 18 August 2020

Peasant Levy Archers - Tumbling Dice

Set FE20. 8 bods in 8 poses.
I could have painted them as generic peasntry, Robin Hood style but went for  colours worn by quite a few Counts and lords who took part in the 3rd Crusade - Red/yellow and Blue/yellow.
Yellow/Blue - They could be levy for Robert de Montfort, Ranulf de Glanville. Guillaume de St Omer, Robert de Bethune among others.
iRed/Yellow. Levy for Jaques d´Avenses, Guy de Craon, Michel de Harnes, Rodger de Harcourt, Gerard de Loos, Thomas Basset and loads more.

Thursday 13 August 2020

Medieval slingers

I´ve already  made a couple of medieval slingers  using the  fustibalus Staff sling HERE.
They were unarmoured and due to using staff slings they carry no shields whilst using the slings.
Anyway, for a while I´ve  wanted some more medieval slingers using shepards Slings and with headswops,  the Norman Light slingers from Tumbling Dice fill my wish.
Swords and shields added from the bits box

Did medieval shepard slingers use shields?
A couple of pics from  the twelth century  Liber ad honorem Augusti sive de rebus Siculis ("Book in honour of the Emperor, or on Sicilian affairs"; also called Carmen de motibus Siculis, "Poem on the Sicilian revolt") showing slingers with shields.
Also..a bit later, a soldier using sling with a shield on a 15th century painting of the  Battle of Nájera
Loads more contemporary pics of slingers, with and without shields HERE
HERE it´s shown that a shield and sling can be used in combination

Wednesday 5 August 2020

Medieval Russian Peasant Levy - Strelets

Full  (and correct) titel "Russian Peasant Levy in Winter Dress".
I´ve looked at them over at PSR a few times and dismissed them as ..well, being way too ugly and, what would I possibly do with Russian peasants?
Anyway, I decided, after seeing some conversion potential and that they could possibly be opposition for vikings, I got them.

Basic colour scheme, even thier shields I´ve painted as plain wood without any symbols on them..
Close ups
The Bod far right had his arm repositioned (hot water) and him and the one on the far right have had metal spears added. The one second from right has had a new javelin* added.
Conversions. New weapons, a couple of head swops and one has had a shield swop
They´re a poorly armed bunch. Each one of them only has a single weapon, so the one lobbing a javelin*  has little hope after chucking it,  apart from;
1. Knock down one of the opposition with his javelin and pinch his weapon. Not that good a plan, as the opposing bod would more than likely be a distance away.
2. One of the opposition chucks a javelin. Hopefully, It doesn´t cause him or one of his mates  any damage and it´s not broken so he can re-use it. If one of his mates gets hit,  he would have to be close enough to be able to retrieve the javelin.
3. One of his mates gets knocked down making his weapon available. Again, his mate would need to be near him.

Another conversion. Bow arm taken from Strelets Army of Henry V set (one kneeling, right side third row down from the top), mace removed, hand trimmed a bit and then squashed with pliers to make a fingers like imprint. Arrows from the Zvezda English Infantry of the 100yrs war.
Ok..he isn´t using a classic russian recurve bow but, hey- he´s a peasant.