Thursday 4 February 2016

Hussite Camp 2 - Footfolk/ workers (Pt 2)

Part two of The footfolk /workers part of the Hussite camp Scene set from Frank Gemershaus
As with the first lot, These are divided up into individual pieces, each with it´s individual titel in german, so again, I´ll add a photo of each part of the range with it´s original german titel and english Translation.
Lagerzubehör - Fässer mit Säcken en bloc - Camp Accessories - Barrels with sacks as a block)
3 Mann Lasten tragend (Ballen, Säcke)  - 3 men carrying loads (Bales, sacks)
Man Faß rollend -Man rolling a Barrel
Man beim Holzhacken, Frau Holzscheite einsammelnd - Man cutting Wood, Woman collecting logs
Frau mit Kiepe, alternative Reisigbündel - Woman with pannier, alternative with bündle of twigs