Monday 1 October 2012

16th century Knights (DDS)

I´ve had this lot, Dark Dream Studio´s European Knights,   for a while now...and I´ve never dared to get to grips with it but everytime I look at the pile of "to do" bods,  they look at me sadly and shout "come on..we dare ya!" and after seeing the absolutely stunning paintjobs of Early Tudors from Stuart over at his Army Royal blog, I had to at least try.
The PSR review does them justice, whilst not a lively set, and the nags leave a bit to be desired in the poses department, they are a lovely set and like Stuart I will make them into the  cavalry of Henry VII...........just not as lovely as Stuarts.

All the weapons come with the set, are easy to remove from the sprue, the detail is very well done and best of all, there´s loads of spares when every knight has been kitted out.

Getting the Patina effect was murder. I tried at first to create a consistant pattern but this proved impossible, so the nag had it´s paint removed and the task was re-started, this time I just painted a "sort of" effect.

All the bods and the nags have some lovely little details, the sculptor must have done a bit of study of 16th century armour whilst making this set.