Thursday 5 April 2012

Swiss Halbardiers (Lucerne)

Part two of the New swiss army..the halbardiers. Also created By Frank Ziegler and available Here.
Great news is, there are more sets on the way, (each a set of 6 bods)
1, Front rank, armoured with lance at chest height
2. Front rank, armoured with lance held at an angle
3. Front rank, armoured with  lances at the ready ready
Further rows of unarmoured Halbardiers and also Musicians advancing !!!! :-D
All excellent news but the most impressive is the musicians, an often forgotten subject in 1/72nd medievals
 Now all 4 sets, hallbardiers and Pikes together..right..where are those burgundians!!?
Hello to Monty (Stefan)  from Monty´s Caravan Blog Mostly 1/72nd but also 28mm. He´s just posted a cracking set of 28mm Napoleonic 28mm´s...