Tuesday 7 February 2012

Hussite War Wagon and Command (orion) Pt 2

The main "object" in the set, the Wagon.
There are a couple of problems with the wagon, but nothing major. 
The Wheels. The mold seems to be not 100% lined up and this leaves some extra plastic in the middle which needs carefull filing to remove.
The shield. This is a big piece and when added to the wagon just looks wrong..so I have left it off. but it will make a nIce seige mantlet.
Despite any minor problems, the wagon scrubs up really well. A nice big door to the rear....
..and a storage box at the front.This can be made, by cutting along the line where the hinges are, open or shut.

The woodwork is very well done. I really like the "used" and distressed effect.
Now with the crew on board. Bods from Redbox, Strelets, Miniart and Revell
Now a description of how to build it. The set comes without any plans so I hope this will be of help.
I´ve given each piece letters (repeat pieces the same letter)
Main body
Take parts A and B and glue them to C in the ruts provided on C, add part D. When they are all dry add the floor E. You will notice there are two spaces in the floor. These should go towards the door side of the wagon. If they dont line up with the door..not to worry..they didn´t on mine either but are hardly noticable when finished.
Then add the front of the box F and the Lid G
Be very carefull with the loops on E and C!!!! I broke one off  but was able to glue it back on. You  replace them with metal wire  loops  if this happens and glueing is a problem.
The axle and wheels.
Check the wheels fit on the axles. The big wheels N come onto the rear axle J, the smaller ones O on front axle K.. Be carefull when checking for fit as I have already mentioned, there is flash in the middle of the wheels that needs removing.
The rear axle J when fitted. lines up with one of the support struts on the outside of the wagon (see pics).
The front axle K has a hole in it. This fits over a pin on the rear axle, allowing the front axle to turn left or right. Check the fit..it is tight and you may need to enlarge the hole on K.
When fitting the wheels I used a bit of cooking oil smeared on each axle to help slide them on.
The Shield supports.
There are two rows of small plastic discs, P and P. Why two sets of 4 I don´t know. Spares? Cut these carefully from the sprue and slide one over each axle so it pushes up to the wheel hub.
Stand the wagon on it´s wheels. Parts L and M are the outer bars that would hold the shield H and prevent it from bashing against the wheels. 
The L ones come on the rear , the M ones at the front. Simply push a prong through the loop on top of the wagon´s side wall and then rest the end of the support on the little plastic disc and glue. I advise doing the back wheels first then the front.
You will notice that when the supports are added to the front wheels it stps the axle from turning and holds it fixed in position
Parts R simply fit over the ends of the wagon (see pics) to stop (in real life) the walls falling outwards. They are a tight fit, so either carefully expand the loops at each end or shave the poles a bit thinner.
The rest.
Q is the towing bar for attaching the oxen team to. I have put it so that it is leaning up on the wagon.
S is the Yolk for the oxen team and the if in an horizontal posistin, Q would fit through the hole in the middle.
?..I really do not know what these pieces are for. Maybe if the box lid was made to be opened the could be used as lid supports..or they are for the sides of the yolk when fitted to the oxen. The extra rings..?? Parts I are for attaching to the shield H but are very thin and broke easily..replace with  wire is my suggestion.
The ramp..I´ve just noticed I didn´t give it a letter but it´s the part above E. It´fits very easily. ;-D

If anyone has any questions then do not hesitate to  ask..:-D