Thursday 26 November 2020

John Bourchier and retinue

He´s been put in charge of the archers and crossbowmen

John Bourchier - 2nd Lord Berners. I´ve painted up the TD Archers and Crossbowmen in his colours so they needed someone to lead them.
Nags from the Zvezda French Knights set as is the standard bearer and the  bottom half of John. His top half is from the Zvezda French Infantry of the Hundred years war set.
Spot the slight mistake with John. 
Standard printed and edges touched up. 

Sunday 15 November 2020

Riders of Rohan

All poses from Both sets and 5 conversions, a standard bearer, hornist and 3 archers doing a parthian shot. Well not quite a full Parthian shot but they are new at the job.....and not  Parthians,  so we´ll let them off. 

The Converted bods
Standard bearer and Hornist. The Standard bearer was easy, hot water bath and arm bent into position. Flag printed. 
The Hornist also went for a bath and had his arm bent into position but also had his head removed  and repositioned. Horn from the  Livonian Knights set from Zvezda
The Parthian shot bods. 
It´s not too clear from the above pic that they are actually facing towards the rear so,

Friday 6 November 2020

Armoured Crossbowmen - Tumbling Dice

8 Bods in 6 poses and loose crossbows.

The shields are from the MiniArt French Knights with Assault Ladders set. 

They are, like the Armoured Longbowmen from TD, they are painted in the colours of John Bourchier. 

Close ups of the 6 different poses.* 

*As ever with TD bods, I can´t say which poses will be repeats or not.