Thursday 3 November 2011

Medieval children

For me, this new set from Alex is an absolute must have!!! I´ve already got a lot of medieval civilians, towns folk etc but there are just too few children and this set will go a long way to solve the situation in the town of Styrow on the Foam.
This little bod was created a while back but wasn´t released..

She is tiny but Her doll!!!!!!
Hello to Pascal from Sam´s Minis World . Sam is a fan of the 1/72nd bods and mainly medieval´s. Due to his passion for them he has made leaps and bounds in his painting..with every new post he gets better
Hello to Mindenjatek from..well..9 blogs!! I´ll name two...Playmobil Hungary (the titel says it all :-D ) and Seregfestes, where he covers 1/72nd to warhammer.
Hello to Candice Rigby from wiRo Designs blog...only just started. blogging..thanks for following :-D