Friday 6 September 2013

Polish Siege bombard (Mars)

This is from a new range of Medieval weapon sets from the manufacturer Mars. Each of the 4 bombards in the set comes with a 6 man Crew, 4 bombards and 24 bods, which for the price is pretty good.

Another pic of the whole Crew and thier bombard
I really like these two poses..especially the bod whose decided that putting a bit of distance between himself and the bombard would be a good idea. His base is a bit tiny, he does balance on it but it could have done with being a wee bit bigger.
I´m not sure about the burning fuse being used to fire the Bombard, I read that they used hot Irons to ingnite the Charge and the Ram has a rather large head is much too big to fit into the Barrel of the bombard but they are nice poses.
Size wise they fit alongside other manufacturers. Left, bod from the Strelets "Shaab" with crusader Crew and to the right, bod from Orion´s Medieval seige troops.
The bombard. Like the rest of the set it´s made from soft plastic which means a bit of warpage leading to some small gaps when it´s fitted together. With hot water to straighten the parts and a bit of filling it brushes up nicely.
Apart from the Crew and the bombard each group Comes with  a small "shock Absorber". I haven´t used it on this bombard but it´s a usefull Addition if it was to be based.
Soft plastic, minimal Flash, nicely animated poses that interact with the bombard and apart from the warping of the bombards carriage a great little set.

A bombard being fired. Unfortunately the vid won´t upload but the link is HERE. It makes one huge bang!!!! :-D